New Year, Same You But Happier

January 2024. A new year doesn’t have to be daunting. It doesn’t have to be full of new intentions to be richer, fitter, more focused, with bigger goals and ideas.

These are all super things to do if that excites you but what if you’re over halfway through the month and you feel exhausted already, you see all these positive posts on social media you hear all this chat about good intentions and you feel like you’ve not lifted your head due to the never ending to-do-list and you already feel stressed about the year ahead!

How about if you STOP for a moment and plan to be HAPPY. 

Start there. Then we ask ourselves, what does that look like for me?

What small steps am I taking each day to support MY happiness?

Do you know?

Me personally, I’m upping my training for my half marathon in February, I get up and out in the am, making the time for me. I’m running 3-4 times per week and that makes me happy, Hah, even writing this seems odd as this was not always my story, I really needed to change the old habit. I. told myself, I’m not sporty, I can’t run, I’m asthmatic, running isn’t for me, It’s still not easy to get out, but when I do I know I never regret going, I have set my intention, I create the time for myself to do it and feel the achievement when it’s done! 

Whether I run for 30 mins or for an hour and 30 mins it doesn’t matter. 

I’m letting go of the outcome of the Marathon-day itself, as I will think about that at the time. 

For Omara, it’s been my first online Hypnotherapy for weight loss course. Something I talked about doing then talked myself out of for months. This Thursday is week 4 of 4 and I’m enjoying it immensely, I think the clients are too! 

It’s been interesting to hear them talk about good things they are implementing in their lives to create positive change, not just around food but around their daily thoughts & practices, in a solution focused way.

Recognising their want to resist acting in ways they used to, 

recognising that acceptance creates awareness.

We often reprimand ourselves for actions that we take, wishing we behaved differently, telling ourselves that’s just the way we are, I always over eat, I always get angry, I could never do that, this can cause us to quit and confine ourselves to knowing these are the wrong decisions yet keep doing them anyway.

Accepting that it’s not easy to change habits (even if we know they are habits that are not serving us) but setting ourselves intentions of “I can’ and ‘I will’ do better than I did yesterday, for now, that is enough!

Our subconscious mind likes the habits we have formed to stay exactly as they are thank-you very much, telling us no change is required! 

It’s vigilant, its content with the current norm, but the question you need to ask yourself is ‘are you?’

Take away your subconscious minds power, recognise that it’s trying to protect you but let it know you’ve got this, you’re in control. Decide to do what you need to do to support you.

Look at your year ahead, with the intention of increasing your happiness.

What do you do currently, what did you do in the past that you loved and quit, what will you do in the future when you don’t have fear or worry or lack of confidence?

What positive changes will you choose to make?

Not because you’re reprimanding yourself, in-fact quite the opposite, it’s because you just don’t need or want to do that anymore. 

Over eating, smoking/vaping, procrastinating, catastrophising, over thinking, the list goes on.

What would you like to experience instead?

What areas of your life could be better?

I offer a free initial consultation, in person and online.

I work with clients who are managing these feelings every day and we see fast effective results. 

If you’re ready to have a smashing 2024 but just need a little direction to find the right route, message me so I can explain more about how Hypnotherapy can help you achieve that. 

Let go and find the you that you want to be.