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Hello from your therapist, Karen Neeson



Means Haze in Bulgarian. Bulgaria holds a special place in my heart and haze is a feeling many of my clients feel when they come to see me, we lift that feeling with the benefits of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy is a safe, powerful psychotherapeutic tool, which can be used to break the negative cycle of depression and anxiety. I specialise in supporting clients with anxiety, stress, low confidence, self-sabotage, phobias, smoking cessation, and weight management.

Hypnotherapy uses the application of hypnotic techniques to bring about therapeutic change and is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The Face Behind Omara


I’ve worked in people-facing roles all my life, nursing, retail, training, coaching, so it felt natural to move to a role in complimentary therapy.

I want to be able to help and support people who may have lost their way… like I did… 

Thank you for being here.

Studying hypnotherapy has brought me many lightbulb moments in my own life so I want to share the benefits I’ve gained with you.

I spent 20 years of my career in a managerial and training role and now I have decided to use those skills in a new way, through complimentary therapy. 

I work with each and every one of my clients in a unique way, adapting and changing my programmes through listening and providing them with their own personalised tool box of techniques, making them feel at ease and building a trust that allows them to set out clear goals to help improve their lives.

I work in a solution-focused way, concentrating on the here and now and plans for the future, teaching my clients techniques that they can put into practice from session one onwards

I have created different packages to support every clients needs, so they feel they can achieve the customised therapy they need.

It’s a comfortable, non judgemental space, either in person in my therapy room in Burgess Hill, West Sussex or online, whichever you prefer.

Hypnotherapy helps you pause and assess what you need for you, it’s when your mind drifts and dreams, where you make the right decisions for you and those who are important to you.


If your head can’t cope with any more stress I recommend Karen to help you manage the headspace needed to cope better. Karen is dicreet, calming, and has a friendly nature that makes her easy to chat to.”

– Karly Harris.


Relaxation Audio

Enjoy an example of a hypnotic trance used with my clients. Ensure you are in a safe, relaxed, and uninterrupted space, ideally just before bedtime.

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“You can, you should, And if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” Stephen King.

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