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Low Self Esteem

Have you lost your way?

Has your life taken a change of direction and you don’t know where you’re headed?

Have you given up your career and feel you’ve lost your identity?

Do you want to rediscover your unique self?

Hypnotherapy will help you understand where you are and where you want to get to. 

Per 1 Hour Session £70 Package of 6 Sessions £360

Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel like life is an uphill struggle?

Are you worrying about even the little things?

Do you catastrophes?

Do you find yourself accepting average?

Hypnotherapy will give you the tools you need to manage your anxiety, stop it from taking over you and allow you to get your control back.

Per 1 Hour Session £70 Package of 6 Sessions £360

Weight Management

Are you battling with your relationship with food?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own body?

Do you use food as comfort or praise?

Do you feel that your relationship with food takes over your every thought?

Hypnotherapy will allow you to see food as fuel and support for your bodies needs. Help you find the balance of healthy eating and positive serotonin. 

Per 1 Hour Session £70 Package of 6 Sessions £360

Smoking Cessation

Do you want to quit smoking or vaping?

Does it feel to difficult to make the change?

Does your head say yes but you just can’t find the willpower?

Hypnotherapy can help you reprogram your mind to allow you to become a non smoker in just ONE SESSION. 

With an 80% success rate. 


£199 Per 1.5 – 2 Hour Session

Specific Phobias

Do you have a fear of spiders, flying, or enclosed spaces, to name but a few…

Do you want to remove that fear?

Feel free of it and face it head on?

Hypnotherapy provides a 6 session technique that supports you in erasing the fear with a new positive solution focused way of thinking so you can be phobia free!

£70 per session Package of 6 Sessions £360 (The Initial Consultation Is FOC)

Other Areas Of Support


Insomnia and other sleep conditions



Relationship & Marital Difficulties

Panic Attacks

£70 Per Session

“I was interested to try solution based hypnotherapy to see if it would help with sleep and fitness goals. I wasn’t disappointed, it has! As a therapist, Karen is a lovely combination of professionalism and friendliness. The sessions are very informative and give you a ‘toolbox’ of strategies to live in the moment and recognise why negative thoughts might be occurring and how to feel positive and motivated. I would happily recommend Karen as a therapist and hypnotherapy.”



Therapy Enquiries

I offer a FREE 10 minute discovery call and a FREE 1 hour initial consultation.

Only then do you decide if I am the correct Therapist for your needs.

I usually work from my Therapy space on Royal George Road, Burgess Hill as well as offering online sessions.

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